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Best Season for Purification and Panchakarma Treatments

Why is rain season considered to be good for Panchakarma?

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In the rainy season the agni will be weak after the heat o summer season which causes a debiliating efect on the body.During rainy season the doshas get further effected due to the effects of hanging clouds, cold winds, snow etc hence the doshas start vitiatingveach other hence all methods for mitigating this doshas ie shodhana and enhancing digestive activity should be adopted ie Shamana.

Are there any special health problems which are better to treat during this season? Are there any contra-indications?

All problems can be dealt during this season as treatments will be more nourishment & replenish the body during this period hence the overall outcome will be positiveie more improvements can be seen during this period.

There are no contra indications basically but arthritic patients might find it a little difficult to stay during this period otherwise no contra-Indication

Are there any special treatments in Swaasthya that can be performed only during Monsoon season? Any special foods that are given only in this period?

As monsoon is a season in which all the Panchakarma  treatments can be given with maximum effect all treatments are special during this period. Food generally prefered during this period are old grains,meat soup processed with spices, soups of pulses, use of boiled water for drinking,food should be sour , salty & fatty,dry,mixed with honey & easily digestible etc

What should be avoided at this period?

Day sleep,Exertion, exposure to sun, River water, Beverage prepared from flour of corn mixed with ghee

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