Swaasthya Ayurveda Village | Coorg

Classical Ayurveda Approach

All treatments are planned by the Ayurveda Doctor and in some cases the treatment plan may change depending upon the response of the individual.

Upon arrival you will have initial check up and consultation with Ayurveda doctor.

Please do nor hesitate and provide all details of your health conditions. Remember to mention if you have any allergic reactions, heart diseases, stones in kidneys or gal bladder etc. or if you take any medicines on a regular daily basis (insulin, or other diabetic medicines, medicine for blood-pressure, hormones etc.)

Every morning you doctor will meet you for daily check up and discussion of treatment process. If you have any questions, hesitations or complaints about your health conditions and treatments, be open and do not hesitate to discuss with Doctor.

Before departure you will have doctor’s consultation: you’ll discuss the results of your treatment program, you’ll get “Individual Health Program” for the period of 3-6 months with diet, daily routine and special health care recommendations.

Along with treatments internal medicines will also be prescribed if necessary for better results.

It would be advisable to take home sufficient quantity of prescribed medicine (to improve and enhance the positive results). You can get the medicines iat the office counter 2-3 days prior to departure.

Our doctors are available 24 hours at the office or by intercom phone.

Daily Treatment schedule will be fixed on Notice Board in Kitchen.Our technicians will invite you for treatment according to the schedule.