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Dinacharya in Ayurveda

In a changing worldly scenario no one has time to have a daily timetable of events which can be a land mark for each & every day.

Maybe it’s not clear what am hinting at ,let me elaborate –Our age old science Ayurveda has put forward a list of regimens to be followed in a day .

Just imagine the discipline followed by our ancestors which has enabled them to live upto 120-130 healthy years of their lives in bliss.

Here is a simple list of simple things if followed will lead to blissful living

Dina-means DAY, Charya –means regimens. It sounds silly as we all know that we have to brush our teeth, make our toilets, have bath etc, what’s the fuss, but here are specifications given 100’s of years ago with detailed elaboration when the modern science began its evolution.

  • PRATHARUTHANA: time to get up
    Time to get up is between 3.00 am to 6.00 am known as Brahma Muhurta as it is the best time for study & knowledge.
  • VEGODHARANA: elimination of urges
    Natural elimination of urine ,faeces  etc should be done without forcing as suppression or initiation of the natural urges leads to disease.Instead suppress the vegas of greed, envy, jealousy, love etc hence control the sense organs.
  • DANTHADHAVAN: Brushing
    One should clean ones teeth with the twigs of Nyagrodha, Khadira, Karanja etc which are astringent, Pungent in taste. The brush should be the size of tip of little finger in thickness, straight and 12 angulas in length. They should be made soft by chewing the tip .Brushing should be done without hurting the gums.
  • GANDOOSHA: Gargling
    Gargling with herbal decoctions or oils help in cleaning the mouth from bacterias etc which will serve the purpose of a mouth wash.
  • NAVANA: Nasal Drops
    Nasal drops to be instilled to clear the nasal passage
  • KARNAPOORANA: Oil Pooling
    Oil pooling in the ears help in clearing the ear cavity
  • VYAYAMA: Exercise
    Exercising regularly helps in bringing lightness to the body, ability to do heavy work, decrease fat and create a stable physique.
  • ABHYANGA: Massage
    After exercise all parts of the body should be massaged comfortably.It should be done specially to head ears &feet. This helps warding off old age ,exertion & Vata, bestows good Vision, good sleep, strong & healthy skin.
  • SNANA: Bath
    Pouring of warm water all over the body bestows strength but it should be avoided over the head as it leads to loss of strength of hair & eyes.
    It improves appetite,Valour, removes dirt, sweat, itching etc
  • AHARA: Food
    Food should be taken after digestion of the previous meal, that which is suitable in limited quantity. Two parts of the stomach should be filled with solid food ,One part with liquid and remaining left empty for Vata.
    Water taken at the middle of meal is normal but if taken at the end of meal it leads to stoutness & beginning to thinning.
  • NIDRA: Sleep
    Sleep should be indulged in the proper time and not in excess. It should be avoided during the day .Keeping awake at night causes dryness & sleeping during the day moistness hence taking a nap in between sitting comfortably is advisable. Sleep should be as much as desirable, in case of loss of sleep one should sleep half that period the next morning without food.
  • SADVRITHA: Code of Conduct
    One should abstain from
    • Himsa(Torture)
    • Steya(Stealing)
    • Anyathakama(Unlawful Sex)
    • Paisunya(Harsh or abusive words)
    • Anruta Vacahana(Scolding)
    • Sambhinna Alapa(speech causing separation)
    • Vyapada(quarrel)
    • Abhidya(jealousy)
    • Drgviparyaya(finding fault)
    • Those who have no means of livelihood & suffering from disease should be helped
    • Beggars should not be disappointed, abused or objected
    • One should maintain a balanced mind in wealth & poverty
    • One should speak appropriate to the occasion & in brief
    • One should neither believe nor suspect everybody
    • One should not reveal his enemies
    • One should cut his hair, nails, mustaches, keep his feet & orifices clean
    • One should walk with a foot wear and look straight at a distance of 4 arms length
    • One should not sneeze, Laugh, Yawn without closing the mouth
    • Should not expose to direct breeze, Sunlight , Dust etc

Sounds too easy right, immediately a blog in the mind says oh come on I know all these!!But just how many of us follow …Ayurveda says for an intelligent person the whole world is a teacher hence one should imitate the world after carefully considering the meaning of such actions.

Article By

Dr Bijitha  K P