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Swaasthya Ayur (India) Pvt. Ltd. was founded for spreading the knowledge of Indian traditional medical system Ayurveda, its ways and methods for the improvement of general health of   individuals and the society as well.

We have the experience of developing Ayurveda centers for the promotion of Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapies (Purification & Rejuvenation) by providing consulting services and achieved good results by arranging series of seminars, practical training and  introduced Ayurveda  methods and procedures in Spa-Salons and Wellness-centers in  Moscow, Voronezh, and Odessa.

Swaasthya Ayurveda Retreat Village, a traditional Natural Health Care centre in India provides health services to guests from several countries since the past 5 years under the management of Swaasthya Ayur (India) Pvt Ltd.  We have associations with Doctors and Health Centers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, U K etc.  The Services of Swaasthya Ayurveda Retreat Village has also been recognized by Lonely Planet Tourist Guide book.

We have recently established good contacts with AYUSH – Indian government organization for the promotion of Ayurveda, Yoga and Homeopathy.

As a result of this co-operation with AYUSH India, there are possibilities to organize courses, seminars, and trainings in Ayurveda for interested personals/institutions/organizations etc.  Separate courses can be arranged for specialists in other systems of Medicines.  The details are as follows:-

Ø  Lectures, seminars and workshops can be arranged at a place of your convenience, for a group of any number of interested people.
Ø  Organizing short term /long term Ayurveda/Panchakarma   training courses in India.
Ø  Technical help, support, guidance and assistance to individuals and organizations interested in establishing Ayurveda education institutions, Seminars, Lifestyle awareness programs and    Panchakarma centers etc.
Ø  We also see good opportunities for organizing Ayurveda exhibitions, presentations, and short seminars in Russian federation.
Ø  Leading Ayurveda specialists and representatives of Ayurveda production companies will also participate in such exhibitions, presentations, short seminars in Russian federation.
Ø  Any co-operation will be with signing of MOU with concerned Institutions/Organizations/

For detailed information and discussions please contact:-

Ø  In India – Dr. Subramanya Rao Jagannath, General Director
           Tel. +919448056406, E-mail: chisurao@yahoo.comchisurao@gmail.com

Ø   In Russia – Mr. Gennady Prosorov, Director for Russian and CIS Projects
                       Tel. +79094619852, E-mail:   gennady@myveda.ru, gprosorv@gmail.com