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Panchakarma Therapies

Abhyanga (oil massage)

Abhyanga is a massage of whole body in six different positions. Two technicians do this procedure. during one-hour on the table for Abhyanga. It removes tiredness, increases immunity, improves circulation, maintains skin texture, increases muscle tones, improves sleep. Main benefit of Abhyanga depends on the application through skin by individual pressure, duration, and quality of oil. It moves impurities to intestinal tract, which can be removed later by natural urges. It prevents imbalances in the physiology and removes them. It makes joints and muscle tissues more flexible, increases softness in glands of skin.

Pizzichilli (Oil bath)

The patients are bathed in the stream of warm oil, after oil massage of the whole body. Three technicians do this procedure during two hours on the table for Abhyanaga. It is a procedure, which is recommended for problems of joints and in the case of rigidity. It is also powerful procedure, which reduces tiredness, dryness, arthritis, and pain in the joints.

Swedana-herbalized steam treatment
It is a soft procedure by steam (herbal), done by single technician during 30 to 40 minutes on the table for swedana. It improves circulation of blood, helps to induce sweating, and opens pores and cell membranes. It makes liquid impurities which is hidden in small channels, mobilize them which are removed later by internal cleansing procedures. It is useful in the case of laryngitis, arthritis, and pharyngitis. It also removes stiffness in the joints.

Pinda sweda (Navarakizhi)

Massage of whole body in 6 different positions which is done by warm sac which is full of rice prepared with herbs, done by 4 technicians during two hours on the table for Abhyanga. This procedure gives heating effect, removes rigidity, sclerosis and muscular dystrophy, helps in osteochondritis.


Massage of whole body in 6 different positions. Instead of oil special paste is used from crushed barley and flour from nute and other medicated powders. Two technicians do it, during one hour on the table for Abhyanga. It decreases obesity, increases the speed of metabolism, removes weakness, and insomnia.

Shiro basti (oil on the head)

After special procedure the warm oil is applied and kept on the head during 30 to 40 minutes, which is done by two technicians on the table for Abhyanga. It decreases mental imbalances, helps in headaches, insomnia, migraine, decreases nervousness, tension, and anxiety.

Nasya (treatment for nose)

This procedure is done for purification of head through nose by one technician during two hours on the table for Abhyanga. First oil massage of upper part of the body is done. Then inhalation with medicated oil is done, heating of the face by warm towel is done later. Then several special drops of oil are put to the nose. After that patient will relax for 20 minutes. It purifies the area of nasal passages, it effects on all nerve junctions above upper scapular region. It is done in chronic sinusitis, headache, migraine, and wrinkles. It repairs the organs of sense by improving their functions. It normalizes sleep, nasal blocks etc.


It is a procedure of dropping of stream of oil on the forehead during 25 to 45 minutes, which is done by two technicians on the table for Abhyanga. It harmonizes hormonal system and removes imbalances such as insomnia, headache, migraine, anxiety, and very high blood pressure. It helps to get deep sleep, gives relaxation of nervous system, and helps in skin diseases. Also it is effective in thyroid problems, and cardio vascular complaints.

Netra tarpana

It is a procedure for the oleation of eyes, done by one technician on the table for Abyanga. First oil massage of face is done, then heating of face by warm towel, after a special cavity is prepared and purified ghee is kept in this cavity, patient will be taking rest in this position for 20 minutes. It nourishes nervous system and makes the connection between eyes and mind strong. It is a very effective treatment for eye diseases, also effective for eye pressure (intra ocular), removes impurities from eyes and deep tissues. It gives purity to eyesight and makes our eyes more clear. Makes vascular system of eyes stronger.
In addition to these , many more authentic ayurveda treatments also available in the center.

Effects of Pancha karma

The vitiated doshas are eliminated from the body, the power of digestion and metabolism is enhanced, the sense faculties, mind, intelligence, and complexion become clear, one gains strength and vitality. For these effects Pancha karma procedures are recommended with each change of the seasons.