Swaasthya Ayurveda Village | Coorg

Treatments for Hemiplegia (Pakshaghata)

Loss of strength of one side of the body leading to decreased functioning of the same side it maybe right or left sided

  1. Sudden increase of Blood Pressure leading to stroke
  2. Infectious disorders like Meningitis etc
  3. Hereditary disorders
  4. Diabetes
  5. Head Injury
  6. Brain tumor
  7. Diseases affecting nerves


  1. Loss of sensation of one side of the body
  2. Tingling sensation in the arms & legs
  3. Inability to walk, balance etc
  4. Difficulty in swallowing
  5. Loss of control of Bladder & Bowel movements
  6. Depression
  7. Difficulty in speech
  8. Blurred Vision
  9. Decreased Memory
  10. Wasting of Muscles
    Line of Treatment:

Cleanse the body using Panchakarma Procedures like Snehapana, Abhyanga & Sweda followed by Virechana which detoxifies the body and prepares it for Further treatment.
Special procedures like Pizhichil ,Navarakizhi , Mamsakazhi etc is done to rejuvinate the nervousness system and bring it slowly to normal working condition
In order to improve the speech special procedures such as Jihwa Lepana , Gandoosha, Kavalagraha is done
Special Procedures to the eyes like Netra Tarpana,Netra Dhara, Puta Paka etc are done
Specific Basti s are given as per the requirement of the Patient
Nervous Relaxant therapies such Shirodhara, Shiro Basti, shiro Pichu,Thalapodichil etc
>Internal Medications, Diet and regular exercises would help to bring back the mobility.