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Treatments for Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lumbago (Sandhi Vata/Amavata/Kati Shula)

All these disorders are caused due to aggravation of Vata alone or sometimes in combination with other doshas.

  1. Intake of Dry , Hard , Cold food regularly
  2. Lack of intake of calcium supplements leading decrease of bone density
  3. Lack Physical exercises and movements
  4. Sedentary lifestyle
  5. Excessive intake of Milk & Milk Products
  6. Wrong postures

General Symptoms:

  1. Shooting, stabbing type of Pain in the joints, Restricted Movements of the body in the case of Arthritis
  2. Swelling & pain in joints starting with small joints in case of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  3. Localized pain in the back in case of Lumbago

Line of Treatment :

To cleanse the body using Panchakarma Procedures like Snehapana, Abhyanga & Sweda follwed by Virechana which detoxifies the body and prepares it for Further treatment.
Internal medication to subside the aggravated doshas.
Specific treatment like Podikizhi(herbal powder), Elakizhi(Herbal Leaf Bag),Pizhichil etc whch is done for a course of 3-7 days as per requirement.
In case of Rheumatoid arthritis special procedures like Dhanyamladhara,Kaadi dhara is done for to reduce swelling then it is followed by a course of Dry procedures such as Valuka Sweda & Udwarthana & Sweda .Generally procedures using oil are contra indicated in this case.
In Lumbago localized treatment for back is done like Kati Basti, Katipichu .In case there is pain radiating to the legs then treatments can be done locally to the area below buttocks like Podikizhi or Pizhichil which will decrease the aggravated vata.

After Treatment course we recommend:

  • Internal Medication; Tablets Like different Guggulus and kashayas for a course of 3-6 months
  • Special vat-pacifiing diet
  • Mild excercises and meditation techniques
  • some individual changes in daily routine