21 Ways To Live Ayurveda Way

The system of Ayurveda is not only to enhance your overall wellbeing and good health, but also works on improving your holistic wellness. Ayurveda offers a framework within which can rework our lifestyles in order to optimise our bodily functions. This age-old healing tradition utilises natural herbs and oils, all of which have immense medicinal value. The systems created go back to over 5000 years of knowledge that has been passed down through the Vedas.

The instructions laid out in these texts speak of illnesses with a range of therapies that include massages, herbal medicines, a controlled diet and the right kind of exercise. All of these are very valid in the modern world and current lifestyles.

Ayurveda is a system of treatment that helps you age gracefully while being the epitome of good physical health.

  • Ayurveda Thumb Rule: Anything Unnatural Is The Root Cause For All Sickness, And Create Impairment In Health And Affects Your Body.
  • Early To Bed, Early To rising. Ayurveda Emphasize On The Value Of Good Sleep, Simply Because Rest Is The Basis Of Dynamic Activity.
  • Ayurveda Recommends That Fruits Be Eaten First Thing In The Morning, 30 Minutes Before Other Breakfast
  • A Good Breakfast. Contributes To Enhanced Vitality, Strength, Immunity, And Overall Well-Being. Sweet Juicy Fruits Are Excellent Cleansers
  • Ayurveda Considers Walking A Tridoshic Exercise: It Balances All Three Doshas Without Putting Excessive Strain On Your Body. It Calms The Mind And Nourishes The Senses.
  • Always Have Fresh Meal – Foods That Are Processed, Canned, Frozen Or Packaged Are Harder To Digest, And Thus Create Toxins. As They Are Old, Denatured By Processing, Or Include Harmful Ingredients Such As Chemical Preservatives, They No Longer Contain Nature’s Intelligence. Rather, They Create Toxins And Block Nature’s Intelligence From Reaching The Cells. Always Make The Effort To Eat A Fresh, Warm Meal. Eat In A Settled, Quiet Atmosphere And Focus On Your Food When You Eat.
  • Make Each Meal A Celebration, With All Natural Food And Have It With The Loved Ones, Friends Family & Well Wishers.
  • Drink Good Amount Of Water. Water Flushes Out of Accumulated Toxins And Keeps The Digestion Smooth. Sipped Throughout The Day, Water Is An Excellent Healer.
  • Bond With Nature. When You Spend Time With Flowers, Fresh Air, Plants, And Trees, You Connect In The Most Intimate Way With The Earth, Of Which Ayurveda Believes We Are All An Integral Part. This Sense Of Connection Is Tremendously Soothing, Particularly For Those Of Us Who Are Under Stress
  • Always Be With The People Whose Company Makes You Feel Happy And Loved, They Work Like Medicine: They Heal And Restore Us.
  • Massage Your Body. When Warm Herbal Induced Oil Is Rubbed Gently All Over The Skin, Your Body And Your Mind Feel Pampered And Relaxed.
  • “Time For Yourself” Break A Day – Disconnect From The Outer World And Tune Into Your Own Self. Even If You Do This For A Minute, You Will Feel Healed. 20 Minutes Break Helps Conquer Stress And Increase Positive Energy And A Sense Of Well-Being.
  • Breathe Deep. Mindful Breathing Improves The Flow Of Oxygen And Other Vital Nutrients To The Tiniest Channels Of The Body, Giving You An Instant Sense Of Well-Being.
  • Detoxify Your Body From Time To Time, Ask Your Ayurveda Doctor For The Best Way To Detoxify. Each Individual Needs Different Ways Of Detoxification Based On The Food Habits & Lifestyle.
  • Ayurveda | Yoga | Meditation Goes Hand In Hand For A Better Health, Lifestyle & Best Of Health.
  • Ayurveda Prefers To Follow The Vegetarian Diet For Being Healthy.
  • Have A Proper Daily Routine Or Prepare One For Yourself Now
  • Consult Ayurveda Doctor For The Best Ayurveda Diet For You.

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