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Monsoon is a very important period for treatments, as it affects the tri-doshas in different ways. At its central core, Ayurveda is all about management of the Vata, Pita and Kapha doshas.

During the summer season, which precedes monsoons, Vata tends to accumulate in the human body. The peculiar behaviour of Vata is its capability to aggravate any disease in the body, and can also cause new diseases. So this time of the year is best to undergo Ayurvedic treatments that will basically decrease the Vata in your body.

“Treatments may vary depending on individual patients, but usually each treatment will last for 45 to 60 minutes daily, for a period of about 14 days. The most common treatments are Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Ilakkizhi, Choorna Swedam, Mathra Vasthy and Kashaya Vasthy. In general, we tell patients to avoid exercise, sexual activity, over eating and sleeping late during the treatment. Also, a rest period for the same number of days as the treatment is recommended for maximum effect,”
It isn’t just about the treatments; this time around, it helps if you watch your food intake. Rainfall during summer, when the earth is really hot, increases the acidity levels in all the food that we eat, thus aggravating the Pita dosha which causes acidity, digestive disorders, inflammation and fevers.
Back in the day

  • Ayurveda, Hygiene, Lifestyle, And Diet Are Crucial To Good Health. To Attain Good Health, Ayurveda Prescribes The Daily Routine And The Seasonal Regime.
  • Ritucharya The Seasonal Regime Is What Ayurveda Follows For Different Types Of Treatments & Therapies.
  • Advocate Living One’s Life According To The Flow Of The Seasons. The Energies Of Nature Change According To The Seasons
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Late Autumn Are The 6 Seasons For An Year.
  • Monsoon Is The Best Time For Ayurveda, If It’s For Some Particular Ailment Or Disease Don’t Wait For Season. Ayurveda Treatments Can Be Followed Any Time Of The Year. (Consult Your Ayurveda Doctor For Details)
  • Trees Flower In Spring While They Shed Leaves In Autumn. As Human Beings Are Also Part Of The Ecosystem, Our Bodies Are Affected By These Environmental Changes. If We Don’t Adapt To These Specific Changes, We Will Become Prone To Lifestyle Disorders. This Is Ayurveda Wisdom Which Works In Favour Of Preventive Medicine As A Seasonal System Of Holistic Health.

Below are the reasons why you should select monsoon season for Ayurveda treatment.

  • The body is generally very calm during this season, hence it raises the energy level and it would respond well to treatments and therapies.
  • The treatment will help to increase the immunity of the body to different diseases. The human body becomes delicate during monsoon and massage recommended during this season. Massage will increase your blood circulation and will also remove your physical stress. The major advantage of monsoon Ayurveda is that it helps in firming up your body and pacifies muscular stiffness and pain.
  • Monsoon helps in softening and developing the seven tissues of the body called Dhatus. There are seven different types of Dhatus in our body. These Dhatus are composed of Pancha Mahabhutas. During monsoon, the Ayurveda techniques like Snehana or oil application and Swedhana or steam bathing can be used to eliminate toxins naturally and removes the negative energies from the body
  • Ayurveda treatment in monsoon season improves the skin’s complexion and helps to build proper Dhatus (tissues) in the body which makes monsoon the Best Season for Ayurveda.
  • Your body is vulnerable the most to health problems such as sinus, indigestion, asthma, skin ailments, diarrhea, gastric issues etc. Monsoon Ayurveda treatment increases energy levels of your body and helps to prevent these diseases.
  • “Panchakarma” is the way toward disposing of food and poisons that create problems in our body. Panchakarma treatment is best to undergo in monsoon season. It is the detoxification program of Ayurveda to eliminate all your body’s impurities.

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