Ayurveda Therapy Snehapanam

Ayurveda, the rishi medicinal science is basically a treatment branch with very special treatment diversities. Sneha Panam is one of the best curing methods of Ayurveda and it’s very special in every aspect. As a curative way, Sneha Panam gives relax for certain body ailments and besides it’s a nourishing treatment.

Medicated Ghee is the main product using for Sneha Panam.

In Panchakarma, the Sneha Panam plays an important part. Sneha Panam can be defined as the administration of medicated ghee. While preparing Panchakarma, the medicated ghee or Sneha Panam takes relevance, because, without Sneha Panam, there is no entity for Panchakarma. The selected ghee is given to patients. The amount of the Sneha Panam can be varied or different as per the health of the patient. In accordance with the digestive power of the patient, the ghee is givens. It affects the entire digestive system. The Sneha Panam consuming quantity would be changed or increased as per the capacity of the digestive system. The quantity will be increased. It’s on a daily basis up to 300ml. But it has certain restriction especially to the period of Sneha Panam consuming. It must take the timing only for a maximum of 7 days.

The use of medicated oils, either internally or externally, is called Snehan Snehan refers to the administration of medicated fats or the massage of oil over the skin for a specific period. A number of methods of Snehan therapy have been described in the Ayurveda texts. The use of oleation results in unctuousness and softness of morbid doshas, which become easily extractable and ready to move from places where their occupation is undesirable and unwarranted.

Snehan is performed using substances of vegetable origin such as Til, Erand, Mahua, Sarson, Neem, Karanj, Shaijan, Priyal, and Bahera, as well as substances of animal origin such as milk, curd, Ghee, meat, fat, and bone tissue. The use of a specific snehan substance also depends upon the season of treatment. Therefore, while the use of Ghee has been recommended during the fall season, oil is the preferred substance during winters and the use of fat and bone marrow has been recommended during the spring season.

Panchakarma in Ayurveda offers a systematic treatment for dislodging and flushing toxins from every cell using the same organs of elimination that the body naturally employs.

The preparatory process of Panchakarma is the Poorva Karma. It enables a person to receive the full benefits of the main treatment. It consists of two main processes – Snehan (oleation) and Swedan (fomentation).

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