Ayurveda Therapy Urovasti

Ayurveda is a dominant and scientific method of treatment where herbs, plants and more over the nature involves for the production of medicines.

Ayurveda considers three main doshas in every human body and these are the pitta dosha, vatadosha and the kaphadosha. It is said that a healthy body has a perfect balance between these three; but ideally, this is seldom true and because of the faulty lifestyles and fooding habits, deviations do develop in these doshas which result in the development of the diseased condition in the body. Ayurveda developed dedicated therapies including the herbal massages to correct the doshas imbalances. Urovasti is one such treatment that is oriented towards correcting the vata imbalance and hence secures relief in associated ailments.

Urovasti is an important Ayurvedic treatment and herbal oil is using for this vasti. As you know, Vasti is an important Panchakarma therapy and the herbal oils are the substances needed for vasti. In Ayurveda, the Uro Vasti can define a herbal oil treatment. Uro Vasti, the Ayurveda herbal oil treatment specially focuses on chest area of the human body. Uro Vasti is very effective in every aspect and it has everything to satisfy each patients. It applies herbal oils and decoctions in to the colon through the rectum. Uro Vasti is suggested to treat pains affecting the sternum in the uras (Chest area) Uro is a term or it means as chest area. It promises relief to some kind of chest pains. In this process medicated oil bunds in the chest area for a particular period of time. The past of black gram powder or wheat powder are using to bund the medicated oil in the chest area and it would be completely sealed. Urovasti is one of the important part in Panchakarma. It’s very helpful to reduce chest pain. Urovasti is specially meant for muscular chest pain.

Benefits Of Ayurveda Urovasti

  • Improving the blood circulatory system
  • Strengthens the neuromuscular system of body and also the connective tissues
    • Strengthens and revitalizes the heart
    • Regulates the heart functions and rhythms; corrects cardiomyopathy
    • Respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis are relieved
    • Milder angina, chest pain symptoms are relieved
    • Ischemic heart disease chances are reduced significantly

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