Jaymati K
From South Africa
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Rounding off a tour of South India with a Panchakarma Treatment before heading home is a must for everyone. This is my 3rd visit to Swaasthya - and I'm bound to return The facilities are very comfortable / the staff are friendly / the food is light and delicious. Best of all the treatments make you feel like royalty.
From Switzerland
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One week from 8th December to 15th December 2012 my friend and I stayed in the beautiful, calm Swaasthya Ayurveda village. This time was really relaxing and so good for my health. The doctors and all the therapists were very friendly, helpful as everybody at the village. The classical ayurveda approach is effective even though it was new for me - a good experience! The meals were light, fresh, healthy and very tasty. We were also good integrated and once even we were given the chance to join the people to a holy ceremonial - a puja at the shiva temple. I was impressed and appreciated being there
From India
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If you ever come through the lush green area if coorg..include Swaasthya in your itenary.. I will give a valid reason why,I came here with a broken leg from Bangalore for healing..I was depressed in the start with my injury as this meant that I couldn't run or play like I did before(as I am more in sport). Swaasthya ayurveda brought me back happiness by the friendly staff,who ensured I was given healthy food and ensured that I get the feel of me. Thecomplete staff especially Dr. Subramanya RAO ,Dr. Bijitha and Dr.Arun lal inspired me to be what I am now; an happy and healthy person once again.. Thank you swaasthya
Olga Sharipova
From Austria
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I came to Swaasthya for panchakarma treatment course. In general I highly recommend this place. Massages, nutrition, quietness, daily yoga and meditation. The doctors available any moments and ready to consult and explain. BUT in a couple of days you stop paying attention to it and start enjoying the treatment and the surrounding. Be happy and stay healthy!
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